What's changed in the design?

We've re-designed Worklife to give it a fresh new look & feel, and to make it easier to use day in and day out to consistently improve your effectiveness.  It includes...

  • Related meetings that are automatically threaded together visually to improve accountability and ensure nothing slips through the cracks between meetings.
  • An improved user interface that combines your calendar and notes so you canstay on top of your day by easily hopping between meetings to capture agendas, notes or action items.
  • Custom templates that allow you to easily reuse agendas across similar meetings.

Here's what our new landing page looks like - it's easy to switch between meetings and stay on top of all your agendas, notes and action items.



The new meeting notes page enables you to embed Notes, Bullets and Tasks beneath each agenda item so that it's easier to take notes and they can be viewed in context of the agenda item to which they're relevant.


The new Tasks page shows you all your tasks from all your meetings (with a link back to the meeting notes), plus allows you to add tasks in between meetings.


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