What actions trigger email notifications, and to whom?

When you add an agenda to an upcoming meeting, you can click Send Agenda to immediately send that agenda out to all meeting invitees.  Below the Send Agenda button is a checkbox to “Automatically send agenda to attendees 15 minutes before the meeting starts.”  If you leave this checked, (as you can guess:) an email with the agenda and link to the meeting page will be sent to all attendees 15 minutes before the meeting starts.  You can choose whether you want the checkbox checked or unchecked by default under Notification Settings as well.

When you assign an action items or open issue to someone in a meeting, they will recieve a notification of their assignment.

Once the meeting is done, you can click “Confirm Summary Recipients’, select which attendees you’d like to receive the meeting summary, and then click “Send Summary”.  The selected attendees will receive an email with the meeting summary and a link back to that meeting page.

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